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Honing Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. specialises in honing products.

    The beginning
    When the demand for honing work rose in 1979, it did not go unnoticed. Jacques Helmink, who had been selling honing machines for several years, also saw this ever growing demand. That same year Jacques Helmink decided, with the support and help of his wife, to take a new step and specialise in honing products for third parties. A honing machine was purchased, the garage at home was converted into a workshop, and the family business "Hoontechnisch Bedrijf J.J. Helmink" was born.
    This daring decision soon proved a success and the company had to move to a larger location twice within five years. The company has been located at Hakgriend in Hardinxveld-Giessendam since 1984. Due to the continuing growth in demand for specialised honing work and to keep up with the times, the company name was changed to "Helmink Hoontechniek B.V." in 1995. Daughter Miranda Helmink joined the company in 1983 and son Michel Helmink followed in 1992. They took over the company in 2002.

    Honing is a machining technique, which over time has become increasingly important as a fine machining method for bores and shafts. 
    Increased machining requirements with regard to surface quality, shape and dimensional accuracy, as well as the particularly high economic efficiency of honing compared to other competitive machining processes, have contributed significantly to this. 
    Virtually all known materials can be machined in a cost-efficient way by means of honing.

    Internal honing  
    Internal diameters ranging from ø 1.55 mm to ø 1,880 mm and lengths of up to 27,000 mm.
    When honing internal bores, the honing tool rotates in the longitudinal direction of the workpiece under permanent surface contact in the bore along the longitudinal axis of the workpiece.
    The simultaneous stroke and rotating movement ensures the cross-grinding characteristics of honing.

    External honing
    This also applies to external honing of shafts. However, in this case, it is the workpiece that rotates instead of the tool.
    The external dimensions of the shafts vary from ø 50 mm to ø 400 mm, with lengths of up to 6,500 mm.

    Honing bends
    For a business relation in the process industry, we developed a honing device to hone bends with a radius of 180 degrees, depending on the internal diameter.

    Over the past 40 years, Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. has invested in a large number of honing machines as well as in its employees in order to optimally serve its customers from various industries with internal and external honing of the products they supply. Today, the demand for honing continues to grow, boreholes are getting bigger and longer and products are becoming heavier and heavier. As a specialist honing company, Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. has the flexibility and the means to respond to these developments. Together with our customers, Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. comes up with solutions to any honing issue they may have. This is what Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. is known for both at home and abroad.

    In order to optimally serve its customers, Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. applies three core values that ensure that the delivered result is the best we can offer. These three core values are: cooperation, quality and added value. 

    For Helmink Hoontechniek B.V., working together with both its customers and its employees is the first step in a lasting relationship. 
    The cooperation between Helmink Hoontechniek B.V., its customers and its employees ensures a high-quality product, but also helps improve processes.

    The added value of Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. is that it is alert to its customers' needs and provides input and ideas to work as efficiently as possible. 

    In doing so, Helmink Hoontechniek B.V. applies the motto:  "expectation plus one".

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    Internal honing 
    External honing

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    Helmink Hoontechniek has been the expert of choice in honing technology for years. Using our well-balanced machinery, we carry out every order with precision and care. We can carry out internal and external honing work for you, as well as deep drilling.

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